You’re probably wondering, can tiny puppies wear clothes too? Are there clothes that perfectly fit your pup? Definitely yes. Drippy Pets has a wide collection of clothes for puppies. Here, we love every dog of all sizes and ages!

Finding the perfect puppy clothing can get a little knottier than usual, but we’re here to sort things out for you.

Let’s look into the 3 important things you should know when getting your puppy his first clothes:

Why Do Puppies Need Clothes?
Aside from making tiny pups look charming, dressing your puppy provides several benefits for your little furball. First, clothes protect puppies from extreme temperatures like snow and rain. Since pups generally have only one layer of hair which is often not very thick, they are in need of additional protection against harsh weather.

Another reason to consider clothing your puppy are insects. These include bees, wasps, ticks, and fleas. Insect bites can be a real danger to your pet which can lead to life-threatening consequences. The good thing is finding the perfect clothes for puppies can protect them from these concerns.

How to Choose the Perfect Puppy Clothing
Drippy Pets recommends taking measurements of your puppy before buying clothes. This way, you can ensure proper fitting which is important in keeping your pet comfortable. Here’s our size guide to help you measure properly.
Choose materials that will allow your puppy to move freely. Remember, puppies have softer and spongier bones than adult dogs.
When buying clothes for puppies, look for pieces that are easy to put on and off. You don’t want to put them in clothes that are too uncomfortable, most especially if it’s your puppy’s first time getting dolled up.
Puppies love to nibble on anything. One important thing you shouldn’t miss is to pay attention to any choking hazards – check for loose buttons, zippers, snaps, and bows.

What Can a Puppy Wear?
Puppies can wear anything they’re happy, comfortable, and safe in! Whether it’s a sweater, dress, a funny shirt or cool Drippy clothing, your pet can surely rock that fit. Besides, pups need to be Drippy!

Final Thoughts

Dressing your puppy up does lots of good things for your little furball. Not only does it keep your puppy safe from harsh temperatures and buzzy insects, but it also unleashes your pup’s personality through style!

Puppies are as important as humans. They deserve all the love and care in the world! So, why not get your puppy one of our best-selling products they’ll love?

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